Approved by the VA for Full Body Acupuncture  & Nutrition Counseling

Veterans suffering from a variety of wartime traumas are receiving treatments such as , Acupuncture, Nutrition Counseling and other forms of Alternative Medical Treatment in an attempt to better manage their pain. There are numerous studies showing the benefits of therapies such as acupuncture in treating chronic pain and improve function more rapidly than usual medical care in people with chronic low-back pain.

One condition Vets can have is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the symptoms of which involve nightmares, depression, and anxiety as a result of combat experiences. Veterans also experience Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) resulting from blunt-force trauma and explosions during combat. Acupuncture modulates areas in the brain which then over hours and days serve to initiate balancing changes in bodily functions and will be areas of the brain that light up that wouldn’t light up, or light up with the same intensity and generate new curative effects. 

 Multiple Sclerosis also afflicts some Veterans who were exposed to harmful chemical or environmental agents during war; MS weakens muscles and affects memory. Since MS affects the muscles, vets receive full body acupuncture, and nutrition counseling to help them deal with the pain.

Vets also suffer from various types of cancers due to exposure to asbestos and other harmful agents. These cancers include various skin cancers, cancers of the internal organs, and lung cancers, like mesothelioma, due to exposure to asbestos and other harmful agents.