Cleansing Enema Set


Cleansing Enema Set


Cleans and Relieves to Help you Feel Better

.Clean out the contents of the bowels and flush away waste in the colon

• Ease digestion by taking stress off the bowel

• Relieve constipation

Contents: (1) 1500ml Enema Bag (1) Inlet Tubing (60” length) (1) Tubing Clamp (1) Protection Cap (1) Castile Soap Concentrate (1) Moisture Proof Drape, 45x42cm


1. Slide tubing to off position

2. Place two fingers under blue pull tab. pull forward to open top of the bag.

3. Add desired quantity of selected solution.

4."Squeegee" across the valve closure with thumb and forefinger to seal bag.

5. Suspend bag for administration.

6. Position moisture proof under

7. Remove lube cap from tip of tube.

8. Proceed with administration

9. Drain unused solution from bag and discard. 




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